Corridonia: 05.11.2020

Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani was founded in 1969 in the heart of the shoemaking district of the Marche region, Italy. The group has quickly become the trusted partner of national and international companies for the design and production of molds, socket punches and technical tools for footwear and leather goods. The ongoing search for innovative solutions, along with the use of advanced production systems, reveals the group’s dynamic character. Besides the latest generation machineries, the company focuses its attention on the human resources: a team of experts who are always up to speed on new tech solutions and capable of responding to the needs of customers with services in-step with the trends of the moment.

With an innovative spirit, over the decades Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani has consistently invested in the technological advancement of the industry 4.0, purchasing interconnected, cutting-edge machineries. Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani is thus an industrial company, with software capable of managing and processing multiple data points with robotic systems in order to optimize the product and improve the service provided, while also offering competitive prices.

The company has identifyed a new Standard ISO 9001:2015 as strategic competitive factor, that allows our company to analyse and manage inside and outside contexts, an assessment of risks and opportunities, detecting all needs of the parties, to ensure a better managment achieving a full customer satisfaction. Thanks to continuous monitoring, analysis and review of the data relative to satisfaction of customer, sistem, processes and products, the General direction defines the objectives to which the company should have for implementation of this document. The strategic objectives have planed with colaboration of risponsibles for process, that contributes to the success of our company. They are formalised in detailed plans that are doing in pursuit of Policy becomes a priority for our company.


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The present Quality policy shall be reviewed and upgraded annually, if necessary.


The general direction:

Gianfranco Luciani