Walking, progression, moving ahead:

the true, ultimate destiny of manking.

And of Companies.


LAB – Luciani Advanced Branch – is the internal division of Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani that is in charge of R&D and it is available for all our customers.

The LAB mission is to contribute to the development of know-how and solutions that can have innovative and proficient applications for the footwear companies and not only. Innovation and research are its key words.

LAB is open to all those operators who wish to improve their products or study new one. They will have at their disposal all the experience matured in 50 years of work, the potential provided by state-of-the-art technologies and the richness of a business fabric that has created a network of specialist consultants and craftsmen that represent a truly unique resource. Thanks to this, and to the synergism developped with companies, stylists and school, LAB stands out as a truly new reality on the market.



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